6 Easy ways to Raise Bright Kids

It is the dream of almost every parent for their child to succeed and do well in life.

But as an adult, you know that life is hard and it is not going to be easy for your child out there.

Even though there are a few handful who are born intelligent or prodigy as some may say but I believe young ones to be like wet clay and if carefully molded you could bestow a few qualities which can help them get through.

Fact Check: “The human intelligence, i.e., the human capacity for logic, understanding, self-awareness, learning, emotional knowledge, reasoning, planning, creativity, problem-solving, etc., is also considered to come from both the born nature and study.”

-Matt Ridley.

Without any further ado, let’s jump right in :

1. Participate to Relate:

Many of the parents are so frazzled after a full day’s office work that all they want to do is hit the bed and take a long nap.

Your actions speak louder than words.

As much as I understand how difficult it is, but take the effort to sit with your child and learn if he is facing any issues in school/peer groups/academics . You might not be the best teacher but if you won’t take your time to understand then who will..

And who knows probably you will learn something new too.

2. Raise them to be Independent :

Start at an early age rather than waiting until they are procrastinating grown-ups.

Make them choose what they want to wear or what breakfast they would like to have. Kids are most helpful if we let them, just be patient.

Discuss your office issues with them (in a brief manner, obviously). You have no idea how creative kids can be.

Give them some responsibilities or pocket money (Of course start with a petty amount) and let them decide on their own actions.

But don’t wait until they have blown off the whole house!!

3. All Work and No Play makes Jack a … :

Well, as much as we have heard this phrase, we find it easier to put them in front of TV or video game and ourselves get on the phone.

Stop Overprotecting them. A child learns to walk only by falling many times, getting up stronger and trying again.

Sports teaches a strive to win, leadership, teamwork, sportsmanship and the most important to learn from your mistakes.

4. Do not Over praise them :

Every day I see so many parents constantly praising their kids for even small matters.

Getting an “A” in a test is good but praising them all the time makes them feel entitled. They start looking for validation for all their actions.

And, do we really want this kind of future generation?

5. House Chores:

This has been repeatedly said by different experts to involve your young ones in household chores.

We know how much assignments, tests, and academic or peer group pressure our children go through. On top of that excelling in extra co-curricular activities..

I understand it’s not 1992, the content has changed, and today’s kid has a lot more to study and excel upon but let them take a break and make a salad for dinner or arrange the table or perhaps clean up later on.

Even when they grow up and are earning they need to do their own chores so teach them at an early age.

Teach them that Hardwork is not an option; it’s a way of life.

6. Music :

I personally believe that every person likes a different kind of music and that’s inbuilt in them.

There are many benefits of music and research states there is a direct link between literacy and music.

So let them groove to the music and they will learn to dance in the rain!!

Only if there was a store to buy guaranteed happiness for your young one, every parent would be in the queue by now. But let’s face it, there is no store, no mantra or any genie granting our wishes; all you need is better communication and listening skills with these tiny human beings.

I am a SAHM and we are a community of parents living in Dubai, UAE. As a blogger and as an avid reader, I wish to present to you my side of the story, hope you liked it

Please comment and let me know if you have any unique approaches to parenting.

And remember that IQ doesn’t determine their future success.

But what you say or do might remain in their minds for a longer time and help them in making better decisions.   

P.S: I have mentioned a quote from Matt Ridley from his famous book. As it is a quote, it cannot be changed.

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