To be or not to be a Fun Mom/Dad

There is no ideal parent or child in this world but what we can do is try to be the best version of ourselves.

Children tend to look upon their elders as an inspiration, maybe that’s why a younger child tends to imitate his /her elder sibling. Then what is the magic potion of becoming a fun parent?

Just like us, our young ones have different meanings of fun or entertainment or engagement. Some children like to read while others are craving to go out, some would like to help out in the kitchen in baking a cake while some want to go to a mall and run around.

Here are a few tips which can help you into not becoming a dull parent:

  1. Story telling :

I remember as a child hearing a lot of stories from my father which surprisingly I still remember. Most of the time the stories were made up, of course, we didn’t find out until a certain age.

You can make your own story and add a moral to it. One very good way is to tell them about your own childhood incidents, or hearsay – what have you learned and how the information can be applied to their own lives as well.

2. Small achievement , great Happiness :

Life is not in big celebrations but small moments of happiness. Teach your kids to celebrate small successes. When they grow up, they might have a plethora of issues and teaching them at a young age to celebrate even a small success will keep them motivated and inspired for the future.

No matter how small the achievement is, the main goal is to keep moving forward in the right direction.

3. Decision Making :

In management schools Students are being taught about decision making, tools and guides to help them make a good corporate decision.

Why not start this habit from a very young age?

Remember when Dumbledore told Harry, how a man is made up of his choices.

4. Fun Aunt/ Uncle :

It’s funny how it’s easy to talk to strangers sometimes about your issues or problems. Probably because you know that you won’t be judged and heard attentively.

It’s sometimes easier for a child to share his feelings with his favorite Uncle or Aunt and through the same person probably you can pitch in your ideas to them as well.

Just make sure their favorite is someone you can absolutely trust.

In conclusion, the maximum amount of time you are going to engage with your child, the more they are going to draw towards you. And like any other relationship, it will have its lows and highs.

Hope you liked the article, Please comment and let me know any innovative ways you have tried on kids.

Signing Off!!

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