Teachings from “The Lion King” we need to know

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could teach your child something new without even lifting a finger! 

Lion King (2019)

As I was growing up “The Lion King” was one of my favorite movies and my happiness had no bounds when I saw Disney making the remake of this awesome movie in 2019.

My son just loves this spectacular movie and you know what it has a lot of teachings just like Kung fu Panda. 

Here are a few:

1. A tale of friendship :

Be it Nala or Simba or Timon, Pumba, and Simba. Lion King is a story of affection, goodwill, and harmony.

We all need close friend / s in life with whom we can talk freely and just be ourselves. 

I heard somewhere that if you dig long enough in a conversation you might just get a new friend. 

2. Hakuna Matata :

Sometimes life just happens too much, isn’t it?

As per WHO, Depression is a very common illness worldwide and almost 264 million people are affected by this and in some cases, it may lead to suicide.

Our children are overburdened with responsibilities and expectations to succeed, competition, love failure. So it’s very necessary to teach them to blow off the steam sometimes. 

Any hobby or short trips even a stroll can even do the trick!

3. Looking at the forest through the trees :

Not many have the capability of looking at the forest through the trees. 

Try to think of the big picture, teach your kid that it’s ok to lose small battles to preserve your energy for bigger and important ones.

Now I know that life is not a battlefield and using the term would have been too much. But don’t we all know it’s a cut-throat competition out there!

4. Trust is a costly affair :

Scar was Simba’s uncle and he betrayed him. 

Now it can be a very tricky affair but teach your child to learn to listen to their instincts and make judgment calls. 

Not everyone around us is nice and welcoming. We should only surround ourselves with people who mean no harm to us in any way. 

5. Circle of Life :

Well, that headline needs no explanation; it’s an essay in itself.

Help your child to pray and find their inner happiness, sometimes spirituality helps a person to find his way towards his destiny. 

Prayer calms your mind as well as disciplines it. Make room for family prayers in your daily routine.

I am a big movie fan and I believe movies and theatre are a form of art and a bigger platform to showcase subjects on morality, humanity and much more. And as much as science is needed for a mental development of a child so is art as well. 

Only a fusion of art and science can achieve higher goals.

Hope you liked my post, please do comment and let me know the movies which you loved the most and what you learned from them. 

Signing Off!

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