5 Baby Care Tips for New Mothers

After 15 hours of long labor pain when I delivered my son, I thought to myself “oh! Great, the tough part is over”, little to my dismay I knew that I was still unprepared to handle a small delicate human being unable to handle his neck, who knows to communicate only through howling.

Science says human beings only learn through experience. So no matter how much you read or watch YouTube tutorials, holding your own flesh and blood in your hands for the first time is going to give you goosebumps and you are never going to forget that moment your entire life.

But as they say, some preparation is better than no preparation at all!

Whether you are a Mom-to-be or already expecting or planning become one, this article will take you through my experience and things I wish I knew earlier.

I am not going to pinpoint any out of the world suggestions or advice, most of you might know these facts. But sometimes we tend to lose focus on very basic things and this article is just an attempt to just brush up on the basics.

So let’s get started:

  1. Sleep like a Baby : 

Babies tend to sleep a lot during the first three months. But probably this is a way of nature giving mothers some time to recover from their painful process of labor and giving time to relax.

This time is very imperative for fathers and other members of the family. A newborn also processes information and thoughts; it’s a very good time for bonding.

As for mothers, they can utilize this time in sleeping and giving rest to their body, eating very healthy and nutritious food, drinking lots of fluids, water so that you have an abundant supply of milk.

For the first few months, you just need to feed your baby every 2-3 hours and when your child goes back to sleep you can also sleep like a baby.

2. Ask for help :

Mothers generally get overwhelmed by the new arrival in the family and tend to do all the necessary chores for the newborn by themselves just to make sure everything is alright.

Do not do the same mistake.

Ask for help whenever and wherever necessary. If you feel that you are the best person to attend to your baby and others are just going to ruin it then do it but delegate other works (no –baby-related chores) to other family members.

Ask, ask and ask for help. You just cannot tire yourself for your baby’s sake. Keep yourself well-fed, hydrated and happy which will lead to a well-fed, hydrated and happy baby.

3. Keep yourself well hydrated : 

As per data from experts, breast milk is 87% water, 7% lactose, 4% fat, and 1% protein.

87% water!

So to have sufficient milk supply your body should have a good supply of water or any fluid. Of course, hormones have a role to play but as long as you are healthy, your body should make a good amount of milk. You also need to consider eating good nutritious food and taking good care of your breasts.

And remember it is going to be painful in the beginning but just keep at it, sooner or later you and baby are going to set a rhythm and then it will be easier for both of you. Because the more milk your baby sucks, the more you are going to make it.

Just give it some time.

4.Over Stimulation:

When I became a mom I had no idea of what I was doing. All I knew was that I had a mental checklist and I just used to tick off for whatever might be the reason the baby is crying.

But sometimes it isn’t sufficient. You are still left with a cranky baby who just won’t stop at anything.

Then One day I spoke to one of my good friends who told me that babies also cry when they are super tired and for some reason not able to catch sleep.

An over-stimulated baby is going to be a fussy and cranky baby.

Invest in a good swinging crib. It helps them sleep and keep you hands-free and hopefully stress-free too.

5.Colicky Issues :

During feedings babies sometimes gulp air and which leads to discomfort. Their brand new organs are still trying to adjust to the system which takes time. So this gassiness is going to create a lot of discomfort and fussiness in your baby.

Many a time the baby is not able to sleep. Even though generally babies overgrow this stage by 5-6 months or it might differ for some babies as well.

The solution is to gently pat their backs in the middle of feeds or when changing sides. Also in addition to burping after feedings.            

Laying the babies on their tummies is going to put pressure on their tummies and they can get rid of the gassiness.

A breastfed baby tends to have less issues of colic rather than a bottle-fed baby. So even if you have decided to bottle feed please invest in some good bottles. There are tons of bad bottles which creates a lot of colic in the infants.

Moving the baby’s limbs or legs in particular in cycling motion or towards their stomach and chest is going to help them as well.

Talk to your doctor if the issue persists and they can help you better.

As stated in the beginning only experience can strengthen your bond with the baby. Everybody around you is going to offer their two cents. What I have learned is to listen to each one of them, take some learnings but use your brain and experience while implementation.

Your neighbor might have tried some trick which helped her child which might not be ok with your baby. Only you know your baby. You already know your child from the past 38-40 weeks, now all you need is time and patience.

Hope you liked the article, please comment and do let me know what all the discoveries you made as you became a mother.

Signing Off!

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