How to Take Care of Yourself When Pregnant?

Congratulations on your Pregnancy! It’s the most important and beautiful day of your life when you find about your pregnancy.

And believe me when I say this that you are never going to forget that day in your entire life! I still remember my day and I had taken the test 3 times at home just to make sure before going to the hospital.

It ideally means your body is in a good healthy condition. But Pregnancy can be a very critical stage because it involves not just one but two lives.

It means you need to start making some lifestyle changes to better take care of yourself and your baby. Your womb is the baby’s house for the next 40-42 weeks, so your duty as a parent starts right from there in making a good environment for your baby to grow.

Here below I have mentioned a few basics but very important steps which you can simply adjoin in your daily routine:

  1. Walking :

Walking is a good exercise.

No matter how much you might be tempted to have a big tub of chocolate ice cream and watch Netflix because you are pregnant and you could cut some slack, don’t fall for that.

A little bit of exercise goes a long way. It is great not only for your health but for your baby as well.

Talk to your child while walking, it’s a great bonding time!

2. Never missing any Doctor Appointments:

There are a lot of changes going on in your body every day. Transformation of the fetus into a complete human baby.

And in this journey as much as your partner is of utmost importance, so is your doctor, healthcare provider, Insurance.

Do your homework by researching about your hospital and doctor beforehand, also make sure you talk to your insurance provider – running with bills on the verge of your labor is not a very good thing to do.

Have a rapport with your Doctor because this is a person whom you are going to see a lot during labor and who seems to have abilities to help you cope up with the situation.

If you are not comfortable with a particular doctor or hospital, you should change it. Sooner, the better.

But just so you know every professional has a different way of working and so are doctors. They all have different approaches to the same situation.

But the main aim is to never miss any of your appointments and rather than blindly following any random advice, you could just run it by your doctor first.

3. Stay away from Technology / Harmful Cosmetics:

Technology has become a very important part of our life and we just can’t imagine our lives without our cell phones right?

Same is the case with Cosmetics. The beauty industry has bestowed upon us such fine products that we can almost hide all our flaws behind it. But it’s very essential in these 42 weeks you take care of your health and your baby’s well-being by staying away from technology and harmful chemicals in cosmetics, cleaning agents as much as possible. Like products with retinol shouldn’t be used during your pregnancy period.

While there are instructions on certain products that should not be used by pregnant or lactating women, there is always an uncertainty as to how much reliable can be other products.

One golden rule which I have strictly followed during my pregnancy to lessen the beauty products used on my face and body, instead switched to all-natural means.

  • You need a moisturizer – use a dollop of Aloe Vera gel fresh from your plant.
  • Need a lip balm – what better than coconut oil or ghee.
  • Need a face mask – mix some gram flour with a pinch of turmeric, rose water and milk. Or you can customize it as per your needs.

And likewise, you can make a ton of variety masks or serums or moisturizers. And anyway it’s just for a short period.

Also, try to stay away from your cell phone as much as you can. If you can do your work from a desktop that would be far more beneficial than a laptop or cell phone. Avoid long time browsing hours on the phone. Keep your calls short.

As per a research study, women who used mobile phones during pregnancy are more likely to give birth to children with behavioral problems.

4. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables :

Pregnancy is a time when you can have crazy hunger cravings and as much as you want to dig into a tub full of chocolate ice-cream, remember that this is not going to do any good and can only do more harm.

While occasional binge-eating is fine but do not over-indulge into junk eating because not only it will impact your sugar and blood pressure levels, you might also turn over-weight and getting rid of extra weight after the delivery is going to be a painstaking process for you.

Women with an average weight before getting pregnant should gain only 25 to 38 pounds after getting pregnant.

Instead, opt for fresh fruits and salads, add a dash of squeezed lemon to increase the taste and also for additional vitamin C. Not only will you feel better after having a bowl of fruits, the good news is you can have it in regular intervals of time instead of eating a large pizza and feeling bloated later on.

5.Vitamin D

A lot of doctors also measure the amount of Vitamin D in pregnant women along with prenatal tests; this is done because Vitamin D plays a very crucial part in bone metabolism through the regulation of calcium and phosphate equilibrium. It also modulates the immune response and glucose metabolism.

Lower levels of Vitamin D in mothers have been associated with increased chances of cesarean delivery, bacterial vaginosis, and preeclampsia.

Current guidelines for daily vitamin D intake are from 200 international units (IU) per day to 400 IU. It is the amount found in most prenatal vitamins.

So along with your other prenatal vitamins prescribed by your doctor, talk to them about your vitamin D supplement as well for a healthy mother and baby.

One most important step to completely take care of yourself during pregnancy is to stay happy and pray every day.

Nobody can stress this enough but staying happy is the most vital part to enjoy this blissful journey. You might be struggling with a lot of hormonal issues, dietary constraints, juggling with work and house chores, other elder kids, morning sickness but just remember that you only need one reason to be happy, there might a thousand reasons not to.

On this note, signing off!

Please do let me know in the comments if you liked my article and any new ideas which you found beneficial in your pregnancy journey.

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