A Time When there was No Lockdown

I sit with my child to read him a bed-time story,

Stumbling upon the plot – king’s and knight’s glory,

Abruptly, he looks me in the eye and asks,

“Ma, Was it a time when everybody could go out?”

Words formed in my mouth but came as a doubt,

I recalled my childhood when we would play all day,

No lockdowns to put our spirits away,

Jumping in the puddles, dancing in the rain,

Laying on the grass, looking up the plane.

When life was simpler and fashion made no sense,

Clothes never matched, a few torn over the fence.

Well, now I know the times have changed,

But aren’t a few things too good to be changed?

Babies are born with an affinity for nature,

Keeping them inside, are we creating a generation stranger?

Only if I had the Harry Potter Wand,

To free the shackles and take a stand,

Hoping to live the hustle-bustle soon,

Where kids can play in the park until the moon,

Mother’s twittle-twattle,

Dads coming back after a day’s battle.

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