6 Simple and Easy Activities for Toddlers at Home

We have all been stuck at home for weeks now and I am hoping and praying everybody is safe and healthy as you read this!

Lockdown has created a silent havoc in our lives, changed our routines & messed our schedules – It is almost as if living in medieval times with a boon of the Internet, making us able to look out for our loved ones from the comfort of our homes. But in all this, the only person whose workload has increased many folds is a Mother.

Not that I am being partial to Fathers here, but generally mothers are over-burdened by heaps of house chores and looking after the kids and the numerous work emails and calls you attend to. Now if you are a business owner, hats off to the amount of work you get done in this crazy time. So for your ease, I have combined a few easy activities which can keep your toddler happy, cranky-free & occupied (hopefully for a good amount of time).

Now make no mistakes these ideas are nothing out of the world or you might have not heard of. These are some easy-peasy ways which have worked for me at this time and I would like to share them with you. So let’s jump right in:

  1. Boredom

I know it contradicts my above statements, don’t get me wrong though but little boredom is good for your child.

Do you ever remember a time when your parents would sit down with you and play for hours?

Perhaps the answer is No. Studies have shown that Boredom stimulates the brain to search for better ways and is nearly important for creativity.

I remember as a child I used to make a story as I play along with my toys and reciting the storyline to myself or as I run around the house. I was the Director, Screenplay writer, the protagonist – antagonist – everything all in one.

Leave them alone for some time and compensate for the time lost later on once you are free.

These are some memories that will remain with them forever.

2. Singing & Dancing

Well, you do not have to perform like JLo and Shakira from the SuperBowl in Miami!

But you got the idea right – Put on the music and dance it off!

It is good for both of you. Missing out on exercises, Pilates, and stretching?

Well, go right ahead.

Not only it’s a physical exercise for you and the little one, but it is also a highly social activity, some even claim that it boosts your confidence and enables you to communicate better.

3. Amazon Cardboard Boxes Finger Painting

Do not throw away the card boxes which you receive from Amazon delivery or for that matter any online delivery. Instead, ask your toddler to paint on those and let their creative juices flow-in.

Please make sure to buy nontoxic finger paint or there are tons of recipes on YouTube to make one using ingredients from the kitchen.

For some reason children love painting and they can spend hours working on this. Research claims it is good for their fine motor development and Sensory Integration.

4. Peek-A-Boo

My son loves to play peek-a-boo and generally, it’s when we push him on the bed in the middle of pillows and blankets and put everything on top of him and his task is to get out of it (of course under supervision).

Most of the children love playing peek-a-boo and it tickles their sense of humor. It teaches object permanence – The idea that even though your baby can’t see you but it still exists.

5. Pots and Pans

Toddlers simply love to see what’s happening in the kitchen trying to open the drawers and cabinets. Instead pull out some pots and pans and a wooden spatula/rubber spoon (make sure they do not get any object which they can poke in their eye or mouth) and let the music begin!

Let them Drum away their time off!

For some weird reason, my son loves to sort out whatever pots and pans/spoons/spatulas I hand it out to him. I am ok as long as he is happy and not getting hurt.

6. Push and Pull Toy

Children love Push and Pull Toys. Now if you do not have one do not fret, you can create a very easy one – Just tie up some scarfs and at the end tie up some toy or ball or bells or if nothing else then a balloon. Or else take some yardsticks, tie-up a small wheel at the end – voila! A Brand New Toy!

My son can play hours pushing and pulling his car up and the down the whole house and the best thing is I do not have to keep a very strict vigilance on him. Experts says Children have improved balancing and coordination because of the motor skill activity of Pushing and Pulling.

A lot of the above activities are going to create a lot of mess around the house. Have patience and let them have their childhood in the right way – Let them get dirty; let them fall, make mistakes – As they Say – Failures Are the Pillars of Success.

This is the time when you can spend with your child before they turn into adults and get into their business – Make sure you cherish all these moments.

These small memories are going to make their core values and helpful in future decision-making, so make sure they have a joyful ride when visiting the memory lane. It is the right of every child in this world to have a good childhood.

On this note, Signing Off! Please do let me know your comments below and how you liked the article.

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