Parenting In a Pandemic: Start Of Virtual Learning

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Many of our lives have gone for a toss in these pandemic times; we are more than ever unsure about anything in our lives. People are losing jobs and economies grappling to survive.

And just like adults’, children are also trying to get hold of themselves, suddenly their lives have changed upside down and they can no longer visit their friends or go to schools or do some sporting/leisure activities. I hear all the time parents complaining about schools and how they not providing value education via online inspite of paying huge fees.

First of all, I think we all need to accept the situation as it is – we know it might take many more months for everything to get back to normal so perhaps this might be the best opportunity to prepare our children for “the change”.

Nobody likes a change but it is indispensable. This is the age of self-learning and schools can provide some support in our education but the push needs to come from a parent because now the kids are home (more than ever) and you cannot wholly rely on schools to impart the proper education. I guess what I am trying to say is just paying the fees is not the only duty we have as parents but also do the parenting as parents.

Some homework which Parents should do before the virtual learning begins:

  • Provide them with all the hardware means – a desktop is better than a laptop, a good workspace, headphones to avoid distraction, all the books and stationary at a hand’s distance.
  • Prepare your child by talking to them about virtual learning and why schools have been shut down, safety measures to be taken and how amongst the chaos education needs to go on and how they need to treat their workspace as their exact classroom.
  • Teach your child to login 15 minutes prior to the class and to keep themselves mute to avoid unnecessary noise/delay.
  • Block unnecessary websites on your child’s computer. There are plenty of apps which can block unnecessary websites to be accessed. We need to understand that Internet is a whole new world and it is very easy for a child to get lured in it. Because as much as information it has, it also comes along with a whole new level of problems.  
  • Do not let the child sit in the class in casual clothes; dressing should be apt and neat.
  • Parents need to be empathetic to their child’s situation. They will take some time to get adjusted to the new normal.
  • Encourage your children to study through books; library rather than getting cheat sheets from the internet.
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It definitely takes a village to raise a child and now when we all are living an urban life; we all are facing problems of time-constraint and managing house with office work. Online education has its pros and cons and even though it’s not the best means of education sadly enough probably this might be the future.

UNICEF has provided some help for the mental well-being of children who are returning to schools next semester. Click here to know more.

Now let’s talk about some positives which have happened due to Covid-19 and virtual learning:

  • Children have plenty of time in their hands. There is no school commute for them so encourage them to take up a hobby or read classic books which can help them in developing their personalities and mental health.
  • Share with them your childhood stories and probably you may never get this time to connect as a family as we all are running after something all the time in our lives.
  • Talk to them about influence of Social media. Social Media is a platform where kids can very easily get influenced and form a superficial self-esteem and pride and learn to live a life of lie. Talk to them about it or if you think they might not listen then let their favorite aunt or uncle talk to them about it.
  • Enroll them in some quality online course if they have some free time. There are plenty of up skilling courses which can be very useful for their career and education pathways.

Hopefully you find this article interesting and useful, please comment and do let me know.

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