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A woman can never forget the day when she gave birth to her child, neither a dad can forget the first time he held his child in his hands. So small that they easily fit in your hands yet so scary that your hands tremble, the brain keeps on sending signals to be ultra-careful and not to drop the little one. So beautiful that even your best memory gets replaced. A buddy for a lifetime, a responsibility forever, a feeling that will never end.

So rightly put by Elizabeth Stone:

“Making the decision to have a child – it is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.”

Ethan Mithun Mathew

(A Boy)

baby photo
Ethan Mithun Mathew

Born on 05th July 2018

Proud Parents: Merrin Thomas & Mithun Mathew

How it all began:

On 04th July, my Doctor scanned and weighed the baby and told me the baby was over 3.5 kg and based on my weight/height and other factors ratio it would be best if I get admitted (In the morning I had lost some blood and fluids). I got admitted and doctors had to induce pain because I was showing no signs of labor even though technically it should have started. Late night around 12ish I started getting a lot of pain and we reported to the nurse, I was being taken to another room and doctor attended me.

Pain kept on increasing and all I could hear were other moms shouting and being rushed to the delivery room. I was trying my best to concentrate on what I had learnt – from my mom, sister, internet – I was trying to focus on my breathing and trying not to scream loud. I was doing fine initially I would say when the pain was 15-20 minutes apart. But more than pain it was the exhaustion.

I was tired, hungry, and thirsty and my hormones were racking my brains out – dancing as if it’s a disco floor. I cursed everything in my mind – I kept questioning how the hell I ended up there! Every second when the pain started I thought I was going to die without even a person knowing or bothering about me (which now I think was very funny and also now I realize that a lot of women feel the same LOL). Every time another mom was taken to the delivery room I just felt like taking off every strand of hair on my head. So frustrating – so much work and still every time doctor shows up to tell me I am not yet there!!! I wanted to get hold of her to ask where – tell me exactly what am supposed to do, what is happening to me.

After a grueling 14 hour labor , doctor visited around 1:30 pm on 5th and said that I was still not dilated enough and baby’s head was stuck. I got hold of the nurse who was closest to me and asked her if we can proceed with C-section and she said it’s too late & I am already under a lot of pain & drugs.

That was that, I thought to myself enough is enough and I mustered all my strength to push out the baby whenever the pain kicked in. By God’s grace around 2:20 pm the doctor was called in by the nurse saying she could see crowning. I was so relieved – at least I was on the right path I understood. Doctor guided me when to push and when to stop( it was a vacuum- assisted birth as the baby’s head was too big) and after 10 minutes at 2:30 PM my baby boy came into this world. Baby was immediately handed over to me for skin-to-skin- I kissed him on forehead- he was crying on top of his voice and taken away for clean-up and examination.

All the while working on my stitches the doctor kept praising me so that I don’t pass out and be in a conscious state.

Here I have 5 more baby birth stories worth sharing. And to all the preggers out there – please don’t be afraid- this too shall pass!

  • On the morning of 4th October 2001, my wife who was expecting our first child was taken to the labor room. All through her pregnancy, my focus was only on her well-being. The child was just a notion. 

I was doing what all new fathers-to-be are supposed to do. Feeling a little nervous, scared, apprehensive, and restless. I expected the delivery to last for at least 3 – 4 hours based on what I was told. 

But to my surprise, within 15-20 minutes, the nurse came out and handed me something wrapped in a cloth and said, here take your daughter (It was a cesarean delivery).

What!!! Already!!! After the initial shock, I looked down at the little bundle of life. So delicate. So fragile. So trusting. 

An overwhelming sense of responsibility to take care of her, for the rest of my life, passed across my body like a current. This kind of lifelong commitment I had not felt, even when I got married. The 2.5Kg bundle felt very light and yet very heavy at the same time. 

And from that day till now, I am doing my best to fulfill that responsibility. 

Mukesh Singhal, Father of two girls – 19 & 14, married to Preeti & Based in Thane,India

  • It’s a real good feel to write about my baby birth, a topic close to my heart.
    The pic of me n him after his birth is my favorite pic. 31st Dec night all our close friends were at our place to celebrate as I couldn’t travel. We had a great celebration until 2.30 am and by 4.30 am on 1st Jan, I was in the hospital to welcome my lucky baby and the new year…
    even this topic and memory gives a smile on my face. This is of my second baby
    First, one I was watching a comedy movie while sleeping and as my usual style I laugh loud n a lot.. which obviously led me to visit hospital early morning and I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl from whom I draw a lot of energy and she is my strength 🙂
    So now whenever I laugh or we hear that movie name we remember my baby birth.
Baby Brother and Elder sister
Pratibha’s Kids playing with each other

Pratibha Hambarde, Mother of 2, She is the founder and owner of Praatah Business Services Pvt Ltd

  • On 5th November, We had actually booked a C-section with our Doctor because usually, my pain tolerance is a bit on a lower side. But as it happens man plans and God disposes off – my plans went out of the window and suddenly around 10 PM I started getting lower abdominal pain. It was my first time so I was very confused about whether it was gas pain or labor. When the pain went on for some time we decided to get hospitalized and call our doctor.
baby and mother walking
Mother and Daughter walking

Unfortunately, our doctor was not on duty and another surgeon came in and checked on me, she said I was going into labor and advised me that everything seems to be alright and I can opt-in for a normal delivery because recovery from C-section takes a long time as it is a big surgery. She gave us some time to think about it as we were running out of time – she warned us that operation would get difficult if dilation happens more. I took a decision to go along with the normal delivery but was dead scared about my baby’s health.  

By god’s grace around 1 pm my baby girl had arrived into this world. It was a beautiful feeling which till now I haven’t been able to put it in words.

Priyanka, Mother of a beautiful baby girl

Senior Consultant @ E&Y, Based in Kolkata, India

  • I was 40 weeks pregnant. My due date was 28th May 2019.  We were waiting for the labor pain to start and still there was no sign. It was 1st June and by 5 pm, I was having my contractions. We called our doctor and she said to wait till it comes in 5 minutes interval. It was 12 at night we went to the hospital and then on 2nd June after 15 hours of labor period, there was the big day. My baby was in my arms. It was a priceless moment, can’t be described in words. My husband supported and helped me a lot during the delivery process. Also, my doctor was so great. I owe her much.

Nidhi S Ranjan, Lives in USA with family and a beautiful 1 year old daughter

Worked as Technology Analyst with Infosys, now a SAHM

Nidhi with her Daughter, Aadhyashree

  • I was nearing 3 weeks overdue when we went for a checkup, hoping the doctor would finally find some signs for dilation. But nothing happened, so we put together a plan to do c section next day as we are expecting a plus size baby boy. Everything was going well until after we went to sleep. But all of a sudden I had my water break, felt like a dam inside me exploded. We were given enough awareness on how to deal with all these probable situations, intact we got startled initially. We soon got the presence of mind and managed to reach the hospital safely. While being monitored, the nurse came to see how I was handling contractions after a water break. I had to laugh as I was feeling relieved for a long time. They kept a gigantic pad between my legs but still water was piping out everywhere. Waited until morning since I don’t fall under the triage. I was taken to theatre at approximately 8.30 am and didn’t felt anything after anesthesia other than usual tugging and pulling that everyone used to describe. He was born at 8.45 am and was crying as soon as they pulled him out. Everything went well apart from itching sensation throughout the body, a well-known after effect of anesthesia. Now he is 3 years old and has another one and half-year-old baby boy. Also, we are expecting our third baby this December.

Childbirth is the most joyful, exciting, and wondrous moment that every woman will ever experience. Since I had undergone cesarean delivery, I never had an opportunity to experience a vaginal one. Unlike others, I was just lying down and everybody else did all the heavy lifting 🙂

Femi Jolly & Sawrabh Jos, Lives in Canada

Parents’ to 2 boisterous boys and one more on the way.

Femi with Family

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Wonderful blog and thank you for mentioning my experience too🙂

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