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The Perfect Check-list for First Time Parents to make parenting easy as pie

First time parents, this is all the check-list you need to take care of a new-born baby!

Parenting can be overwhelming and daunting for first-timers. But as they say, it gets easy and relaxing as you move along. The main reason being as your child grows so do you. And parenting is a full-time job with no leaves or paychecks, there is no running away from it too because let’s face it, you signed up for this for a lifetime. A tiny wriggly mass of 7 pounds which is unable to communicate but somehow perfectly capable of emotions is really a miracle. To be honest, when I had my son I was completely clueless on what to do, I was all the time thinking that I am failing and probably I could have waited longer to have a baby.

Pregnant lady and husband
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But as it turns out I was going to feel like this at any age because it has more to do with hormones and post-partum stress rather than the age or the baby. My parents were also as helpless and clueless as me because they were in that age bracket where you got to have a good night’s sleep and have certain time-offs / resting period or else they end up crankier than the baby itself.

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My Birth Story…

A woman can never forget the day when she gave birth to her child, neither a dad can forget the first time he held his child in his hands. So small that they easily fit in your hands yet so scary that your hands tremble, the brain keeps on sending signals to be ultra-careful and not to drop the little one. So beautiful that even your best memory gets replaced. A buddy for a lifetime, a responsibility forever, a feeling that will never end.

So rightly put by Elizabeth Stone:

“Making the decision to have a child – it is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.”

Ethan Mithun Mathew

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The 5 most common issues in Newborn & how to solve it

For 42 weeks a baby’s home is the mother’s womb and they couldn’t ask for a better home. It’s an ideal environment for growth and development, thanks to all the high-tech machinery of our age, now we can actually see our fetus developing into the human baby and all the physiological changes happening around in the womb.

Cut to the labor room and there is our newborn after long hours of struggle(both for the mother and baby) screaming on top of his voice not knowing why suddenly there is so much noise and blinding light around. As his organs start transitioning to the new normal – a transition from the safe womb to the world – there are chances that they get vulnerable to a few issues.

Now babies have been coming into this world since the very beginning of life so it can be assumed that Mother Nature has bestowed upon us some survival instincts and almost every newborn gets over with these common issues cited below. But still, we no longer live in the perfect world it used to be, we live in a polluted world connected digitally so there are chances that some of these imperfections could be causing discomfort for our newborn.

Below are some of the issues which I faced when I had my child and how I over-came with them, hope it helps:

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Have you heard of the 3 New Research Truths about Parenting?

A Picture By Kelly Sikkema

When I gave birth to my son two years back I assumed the hardest part is over and am sure parenting wouldn’t be that tough.

And I am pretty sure almost every new parent thinks that they know enough about parenting or they can follow the path carved by their parents and follow the same route. Well if every child is different then why should our parenting styles be the same?

I recently watched a Netflix series names “Babies” just to realize that as a mother or father the main lesson to learn is that learning never stops – Every solution is just a stepping stone to a whole new problem. At some time in the past, I was over-agonizing on when my 14-month-old will start jumping and running like other children while now I have a new set of problems as he hovers around the house making a complete mess.

So here are the 3 new research findings about parenting which every parent doesn’t know – Yet!

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5 Baby Care Tips for New Mothers

After 15 hours of long labor pain when I delivered my son, I thought to myself “oh! Great, the tough part is over”, little to my dismay I knew that I was still unprepared to handle a small delicate human being unable to handle his neck, who knows to communicate only through howling.

Science says human beings only learn through experience. So no matter how much you read or watch YouTube tutorials, holding your own flesh and blood in your hands for the first time is going to give you goosebumps and you are never going to forget that moment your entire life.

But as they say, some preparation is better than no preparation at all!

Whether you are a Mom-to-be or already expecting or planning become one, this article will take you through my experience and things I wish I knew earlier.

I am not going to pinpoint any out of the world suggestions or advice, most of you might know these facts. But sometimes we tend to lose focus on very basic things and this article is just an attempt to just brush up on the basics.

So let’s get started:

  1. Sleep like a Baby : 
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