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Coping with life in a post-partum depression phase

Childbirth is an excruciating process. Not just your body changes physically and mentally it also takes a toll on your relationships. It is a blissful even in a couple’s life but somewhat we Asians tend to not take post-partum depression very seriously.

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In clinical terminology, it is known as postnatal depression which can occur in either of the parent after the birth of the baby. The symptoms are anxiety, a feeling of sadness, very low energy levels, and changes in eating and sleeping pattern. While one thing that should be noted here is that some of these symptoms will occur in newborn parents in some way or the other while it cannot be termed as depression at all.

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How to Ease Out Morning Sickness during Pregnancy?

As per a recent study, approximately 70 percent of women suffer from morning sickness starting as early as 6 weeks and may peak around the eighth and ninth weeks, about fifty percent of women experiencing vomiting and nausea which can vary from day to day or some particular time in the day.

To be honest I was the fortunate ones who never had any episodes of morning sickness but I have many friends who had the worst. Your body is going through a lot of changes to make it hospitable for the little one to grow and little you knew that you would be barging into the bathroom every morning and feel absolutely the worst and to add insult to injury this can go on until afternoon or evening and make anyone wonder why the name “morning sickness” in the first place then.

There are some traditional remedies (which can be found in our kitchen) which have been known for ages and which will prevent you from your frequent trips to the doctor’s office. These might or might not work for you but I would suggest if you have a very bad case of nausea and sickness then to get professional help but at least these might temporarily help you feel better until you get to the nearest hospital.

And a word of caution for the worrying mothers –

Our body is a wonderful machine and don’t fret that you are not able to feed yourself or you are vomiting everything even at the slightest smell or sight, your baby’s development will be just fine.

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How to Take Care of Yourself When Pregnant?

Congratulations on your Pregnancy! It’s the most important and beautiful day of your life when you find about your pregnancy.

And believe me when I say this that you are never going to forget that day in your entire life! I still remember my day and I had taken the test 3 times at home just to make sure before going to the hospital.

It ideally means your body is in a good healthy condition. But Pregnancy can be a very critical stage because it involves not just one but two lives.

It means you need to start making some lifestyle changes to better take care of yourself and your baby. Your womb is the baby’s house for the next 40-42 weeks, so your duty as a parent starts right from there in making a good environment for your baby to grow.

Here below I have mentioned a few basics but very important steps which you can simply adjoin in your daily routine:

  1. Walking :
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