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How To Limit Screen Time For Kids?

How much screen time is ok for children?

Kid having screen time by playing video game
A child playing video game.An image by Kelly Sikkema

I am a stay at home mom living an urban life ,what that means is I am on my own unlike earlier times when people used to live in joint families and there was always someone or the other to supervise while the children played making sure they swallowed nothing, aren’t getting hurt – in short keeping them alive!

In today’s time I am the mom who cooks 3(sometimes 4) meals a day, supervises her child while he plays with the toys or other things at home, starting from bathing to dressing up yourself and your child, pampering yourself or your baby, feeding yourself to your baby – in short – you are on your own in this so called urban or city life. And then I see families where there is a presence of elderly grandparents who help out in raising up your child or house chores or even asking out if you need any help also makes a huge difference.

Enter pandemic and everything changes. Parents have moved back to their native places or forced to move due to travel bans or restrictions or visa changes or country-specified rules (what-all and what-not), schools, nurseries and daycares closed due to lockdowns, parents are supposed to work from home with a screaming child in the background, attend zoom meetings with a houseful show of sibling fighting going on in the background, meet deadlines while attending to chores as well because c’mon you need to eat right.

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6 Simple and Easy Activities for Toddlers at Home

We have all been stuck at home for weeks now and I am hoping and praying everybody is safe and healthy as you read this!

Lockdown has created a silent havoc in our lives, changed our routines & messed our schedules – It is almost as if living in medieval times with a boon of the Internet, making us able to look out for our loved ones from the comfort of our homes. But in all this, the only person whose workload has increased many folds is a Mother.

Not that I am being partial to Fathers here, but generally mothers are over-burdened by heaps of house chores and looking after the kids and the numerous work emails and calls you attend to. Now if you are a business owner, hats off to the amount of work you get done in this crazy time. So for your ease, I have combined a few easy activities which can keep your toddler happy, cranky-free & occupied (hopefully for a good amount of time).

Now make no mistakes these ideas are nothing out of the world or you might have not heard of. These are some easy-peasy ways which have worked for me at this time and I would like to share them with you. So let’s jump right in:

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How to Make Your Child Eat Food

The world would have been so much better only if we didn’t have to struggle so much to make our kids eat or probably make them eat the food they should be eating.

I started off weaning my son when he was 5 months old. As per the Department of Health weaning should start when your baby is 6 months old but having spoken to my doctor and a few friends who seem to have good expertise in this area I decided to put him on solids one month before the set date.

My son wouldn’t even open his mouth to eat it let alone eat it; he would just sniff it, make a face and turn around his face. It was so devastating to see the food go waste which you so laboriously prepared. Not that I would throw away the meal; I had to eat it myself or at least a portion of it but that was not the task.

But I kept at it, more than to my son consoling myself that one day he is going to finish the meal.

With time I understood some tricks of the trade and would like to share them with you guys as well:

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