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Are we raising entitled kids who feel the world revolves around them?

We are in the middle of “me,me,me entitlement epidemic”. Our kids are out of control and many of them lack basic human qualities like empathy.

Let me begin with a short story. The other day we were visiting a friend and soon after we arrived at their place the son welcomed us by the statement “My parents are doctors, what are you?” As much as I had the urge to give him a reply my husband held my hand tighter (perhaps hinting to ignore the remark as he is just a child). None the less I sat there thinking how in my days I was never-ever allowed to talk down to elders let alone the guests and here we are in a generation where parents feel ok if the child makes an easy-peasy remark to an elder because “adults are supposed to ignore it”.

Entitled Child , sticking out tounge
A picture by Maria Lysenko

Amidst all these thoughts and pat came another retort from the young one, I found him tapping on my shoulder to pay attention to what he was saying which I quote was “My father has a lot of money, do you also have money?” The question simply made me laugh and by the looks on his face he was not at all amused by that and he was expecting more than that reaction. He quickly jumped away from my side to push away my son who was apparently playing with one of his toys. And pat comes another remark “Doesn’t he have any toys at his home, why does he have to play with mine”. I noticed the great pride the parents had on their face “what a gem of a child have we made, entirely capable of taking care of his things” and yet I thought to myself so incapable of empathy.

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