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5 Parenting tips to ignore – outdating parenting advice

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Parenting can be daunting especially for new moms and dads and certainly there is no one size fits all strategy. I was the youngest in the family which means I had never seen an actual baby let alone take care of it – cousins and everyone are there sure but you play with them for some time and give it back when it gets down to business.

So naturally I would run to my Mom for everything and anything when my son came along. Because, you know, of course she has already raised two kids and done a pretty good job (we are still breathing YAY).

But the times have changed – so much has changed that we now live in a world where we ourselves are teaching our kids not to share their food or toys with their friends while just 3 months back we were trying to push them in that park to make some friends by sharing cookies/ have heartfelt handshakes and hugs / play in the mud and share toys.

So probably with this big change certainly there are some outdated parenting advice which are downright wrong and needs no passing down to the future generation, let’s go through them and put an end to these advices:

  • Praising your kids too much :
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