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Which parenting style is better – strict or lenient?

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Today as the world changes gradually I see a lot of communication going on between parents and children, parents are ready to nurture and hold the little one’s precious little hands at every hurdle of life. Earlier in my days me and my parents never spoke about any topic under the sun which makes me think which of the two generations is doing a good job – are we millennials parents taking up the game a notch higher and just talking and talking to our children even on topics where it is not required or were our parents right by not attending to every little hunch.

Well I remember in my household showing affection or even talking about it (I for sure don’t remember the last time my father hugged me LOL as am sure you won’t either) was a rare scene and now there are tons and tons of books being written on how to show affection to your child for their proper cognitive development. As babies parents tend to overflow their love on them with kisses and hugs and as soon as they grow up the awkward gap just grows and grows until it becomes a generation gap where nobody understands each other (although everyone is talking the same thing) with periodic bouts of shouting and yelling.

And before you think of something – YES I was grown in a perfectly happy family and am sure you also resonate to some of these occasional bouts although very few admit to it because we all are apparently living in a world where it becomes imperative to assure yourself and others all the time that you are happy instead of dealing with the elephant in the room.

So all this rumination followed by a lot of reading, talking, research and a few podcasts led me to think which style of parenting I am going to adapt – should I be more like my parents vis-à-vis Strict or lenient like many millennial parents are in today’s age.

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